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Renaissance Evolution (RE) is a non-partisan/non-profit, market-friendly think tank operating in the public policy space with international reach.

Our purpose is to gain an understanding of how humans can best flourish and optimize wellbeing at all levels of society.

Through a series of special events, RE seeks to drive honest convesations on the root cause of the societal shortfalls that seem so pervasive, and provide new insights to curb seemingly repetitive conflict in both the culture arena and the marketplace.

Our efforts incorporate the world’s foremost sociologists as well as other philanthropic organizations who have been tackling these issues as well.

Conflicts in Values & Visions

Many of the cultural problems across the world arise out of profound differences in the values and visions people have of the world. In responding to these cultural differences, RE will look back at enlightened moments in history, seeking lessons from those experiences that can be brought into current times to produce meaningful change.

Learning from history can produce a new “evolutionary perspective,” a broader understanding of the evolution of human consciousness, opening the door to meaningful cultural progress.

Our objective is to build a network of like-minded friends and allies. We invite you to become involved.

Renaissance Evolution – A Think Tank Working to Produce a Positive Cultural Evolution

Culture is the joining of ideas and values that solidify a group. RE works to stimulate dialogue and cooperation among individuals from all different cultures, fostering openness and a sense of genuine inclusiveness. An understanding of culture and its place in history can help build a better future, the foundation of which would be the kind of values and visions that promote a civil conscience in people of all nations.

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