Renaissance Report
Roberto Masiero.

Each episode of The Renaissance Report is a weekly rallying cry for lovers of culture everywhere, packed with Dr. Masiero’s analysis on the issues of the day and deep conversations with the movers and shakers of Americas and Italy politics, business, art, and culture. And all of it is backed by the academic excellence of The Renaissance Evolution.

As a former entrepreneur and current president of The Renaissance Evolution, the most influential think-tank in America, Dr. Masiero has spent his career learning, and taking inspiration from the Italian Renaissance which dramatically impacted the world in a positive manner. Now, more than ever, the ideals that launched the Italian Renaissance are needed in our world. These ideals: respect for the dignity and worth of the individual, pursuit of achievement in the sciences and arts, and cultures that provide freedom for all people and promote open expression of ideas - are the foundation for prosperous and fulfilling cultures.

Guest: Vincenzo Bocciarelli

Guest: Lea Mornar

Guest: Lorenzo Turchi-Floris

Guest: Vincenzo Naschi

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