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Renaissance Evolution Academy has created two world-class programs for the benefit of its members and beyond. The first is a certification program focusing on companies’ performance in the areas of; sustainability, philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, climate change, transparency, and cultural diversity practices.

Most, if not all of these topics have been operational themes encountered by companies.

However, our approach is modern and takes into consideration not just the human side of the equation, but also the impact on the participating company’s bottom line. A true balance of business operations and global social responsibility can go hand in hand in making a corporation more profitable while differentiating it from others in its category.

Our intent is to ensure that corporations help reduce government dependence and leave a tangible positive footprint in the markets / countries where they operate. The goodwill generated will have a multiplier effect in terms of its brand, market expansion as well as increased earnings.

Renaissance Evolution Academy is collaborating with leading international academic institutions to insert the Chief Cultural Officer executive curriculum methodology in their MBA. In today’s economy interaction with representatives, businesses and consumers from multiple countries, cultural / political / economic backgrounds is the norm. Understanding how to approach and cohesively apply inclusive business practices that allow seamless navigation of the new and continually evolving business diversity issues are key in the successful operation and expansion of companies. Our holistic approach to multinational; politics, culture, philanthropy, legal, regulatory, integrated communications, economic and environmental factors among others will position our Chief Cultural Officer candidates to successfully become the multinational face both internally and externally for its corporation. This new C-Level position will interact with internal divisions of; Government Affairs, Diversity, Communications, Strategy, Human Resources, Financial, Operations and others with direct impact on the corporate P&L.

This complete view of the company and its global, national and regional operations as well as its understanding of the local cultures and leading community / political figures in markets represented will in fact position him/her as a corporate ambassador. Much like a Secretary of State or Minister of Foreign Affairs, The Chief Cultural Officer will ensure that a company’s global approach to business is market relevant, profitable and sustainable.

The 8 pillars of our Curriculum program: Transparency & Ethics, Sustainability, Culture & Education, Health / Wellbeing & Happiness, Trade / Economic Opportunity, Foreign Policy, Business for Good, Diplomacy & Peace Building.

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